The favourite fruit of every soul on this Earth!


            The happy shade on any human face that this metal exhibits is priceless!  You know about which metal I am talking.  Yeah! Right!  It's 22kt it yellow gold which is the most appealing to both men and women. 

            If there is one jewel that combines this metal and the all time favourite fruit which you can be obsessed about, then it is this wonder-filled mango malai neckwear!  Why ponder over mind? Just relax and order online from your Abiraame Jewellers, to get it delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Singapore.  We are not less in serving other countries too! 

            The elegance and style of this jewel which is captured rightly by our artisans can never be missed, isn't it?  Add charisma and charm with a delightful smile on your face wearing it!

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