Mathuram means ‘good natured’

            Your wrists deserve more than what you think they do - Stunning, statement gold bangles design!  Yep!  Never give less to yourself when you are worth more!  The different patterns, styles and designs of gold bangles enhance the beauty and grace of your traditional or contemporary outfits.  Jewelry designs are huge but very few will stand in your hearts.  This bangles design is one such piece with different motifs arranged in alternating rows and making it the choice of filigree jewellery lovers.

            Check out here at Abiraame Jewellers, gold bangles new design from simplistic to intricate designs that satisfies both your luxury needs and artistic love.  Women’s love for gold jewellery is here to stay for many centuries to come ahead.  But the craze for looking out the latest gold jewellery designs is never ending.  This pair of bangles belongs to that list of latest gold bangles designs from Abiraame Jewellers.  Browse through our website for brilliant, flashy and ethnically rooted bangles models which are mildly modified to fit the latest trends.  Order online and get your special discounts!

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