Mayurika means ‘peacock feathers’

            A balanced peacock that brings harmony in your life!  Dive into our Pavo collections to see the best ever peacock stone pendant designs.  Live life the way you want to by choosing the best accessories to decorate your body which is your best friend from the day you were born.  Peacock pendant is a sign of protection and brings peace in your life.  This pendant is just awesomely crafted and has a perfect finish. 

You can also own more than 2 or 3 pendants of your choice & keep exchanging and wear it to different occasions along with varied gold chains.  Wearing a peacock feather pendant along with a rope chain would look more cuter than a gold necklace.  You can choose to wear antique peacock pendants with your choice of chain to be unique and classy in your selection.  Give it a try and buy poise peacock pendant online from Singapore’s best jewellers - AJS.

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