Meenakshi means ‘fish-eyed’

            A decorative pooja flower bowl in silver to offer those lovely colorful flowers to your favorite god.  Bring home this silver pooja flower bowl with carvings of Lord Shiva, Lakshmi, Saraswati and a few beautiful flowers on its sides and be the proud owner of the best pooja item ever.  Isn’t it the Indian tradition to offer flowers to the people who are coming to your home for any festive occasion or pooja or any kind of ceremony?  We also give rose water and rock candy (crystallized sugar) at the entrance of the wedding right? 

The same way even flowers are given to the married woman and those pretty young girls and girl kids.  Giving it from some stainless steel container or plastic covers or any other simple basket doesn’t look good la?  So, why not buy this silver bowl and carry it around with pretty roses or garland of jasmine, when you flaunt it with that silk saree and beautiful gold accessories?  It sounds interesting right?

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