Megala means ‘orbit, symbol and excellent art’

White gold engagement rings are the most popular choice for modern brides to own with pride.    This white gold wedding band mixed with yellow gold is a contemporary, stylish, classic and sophisticated design that can be the best gift for your valentine too.  If you wish to know how this white gold was born, it’s nothing but rhodium plated to make it shinier and more durable than other metals. White gold retains luster for a longer time and does not easily scratch, dent or corrode and that’s why it is mostly preferred as a ring plating option for wedding rings or engagement rings.  Buy the best gold rings online in Singapore to be your everlasting wedding bands and also constitute heirloom jewellery for your family from Abiraame Jewellers.  Browse our online catalog and check out the varied designs of white gold rings for both men and women here.

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