Meru means ‘highest point or peak of a temple’

            Though the beginning may be from babylonian age, something that evolved out of the Ming Dynasty era, created by the mathematician Cheng Dawei 300 years ago, is abacus ring.  The smart ring can even be carved in gold with movable beads for you to wear.  Buy an abacus gold ring made of 916 (22k) certified original gold if you are a businessman.  It helps you earn enough profits and yield wealth and prosperity in your endeavors. 

            It is usually worn on the middle finger to gather wealth.  More than gold abacus bracelets, watches or pendants this fancy ring is easy to wear and keep it beside you wherever you go.  It’s a ring design suitable for both males and females.  So order the best gold ring designs, even custom rings from Abiraame Jewellers online today and get the best prices and quality services ever.

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