Moni means ‘she is beautiful, silence’

Gomathi sakkaram ornaments are said to attract wealth, good health,  protect children and give many positive vibes. This gomathi chakra pendant is useful to ward off evil and bring good luck and is known as Lucky Charms.


Special Benefits of Gomathi Chakra jewellery :

Brings Prosperity in your life,  keeps you healthy and wealthy, In this hustle and bustle of pandemic life, every person seems to be surrounded by some kind of trouble.  Wipe away your problems wearing the right gemstones and this gomathi chakram with gold chain by @Abiraame Jewellers is a rare natural and spiritual rock stone, which is found in the Gomti River.

We aim for quality and style to merge together seamlessly without sacrifice. Made with powerful stones, these fashionably unique gomthi sakkaram pendants are not just a pretty accessory, but also offer healing benefits. Browse our website now and purchase this beautiful blend of style and healing only from @AJS, you can also visit our store in Singapore. HAPPY SHOPPING!

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