Moshika means ‘like a princess’




Pure gold symbolizes wealth!  This timeless princess ring from @Abiraame Jewellers has been carefully designed.  Wanna know why you should shop for this beautiful crown ring and bring out the queen in you?  You are born to make a statement with your style if you ever think about beauty.  Wherever you go by wearing this lovely tiara gold ring you are sure to make a long-lasting impression.

No wonder, this princess cut engagement ring will definitely find a place of its own in your bridal trousseau order now, and enjoying the symbol of our rich traditions and Indian heritage will add an ensemble for your special days. wait no more.  Add an ethereal touch to your stunning attire with this lovely tiara gold ring and you are set to steal the compliments coming your way.  At Abiraame Jewellers we help you choose the best jewelry at reasonable prices for your loved ones and yourself.  Get the best deals on the latest jewelry now. For more information ping us @+65 91669909.  

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