Mutholi means ‘shine like a pearl’

The glow of the pearls reflects on your skin making it lustrous and shining adding up to your beauty while touching your neckline.  The choice of wearing a moti mala is always a sign of wisdom.  Show your serenity in your choice of accessories by making a purchase online for this lovely latest pearl necklace design. 

Highlighting the soft side of you, giving you a Bohemian look, suiting your etiquette in everyday life - be it formal days, office or personal events, business meetings or a day out with close friends or family, this latest moti mala design can be used.  The dangling pearls sing beautiful music in your ears when you walk around with pride.  New pearl necklace designs like these are truly every woman’s love.  If you do not design this fact order online for this fancy pearl necklace.

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