Muthulakshmi means ‘the side of goddess lakshmi’

Apart from just wearing a thali, the mugappu fixed thali chain is essential in every south Indian women’s jewelry collection. Nowadays wearing mugappu has become a must after those serial lovers have seen their favourite actresses wearing it in the TV shows.  Thali symbolizes the true meaning of marriage and has a lot of significance in the Hindu culture.  To south Indians, mugappu thali chain for women is deeply rooted in every aspect of their life tradition, religion, rituals, weddings, festivals and is perceived as a status symbol.  Mugappu thali is a highly desired jewelry necklace for a south Indian bride as it is considered to be the most regal and auspicious bridal jewelry that becomes the way they get married and the design of thali carries family legacy and traditions.

This gold lotus chain is the glory of the Lakshmi goddess- a representative of beauty, prosperity, good luck. Mugappu thali is believed to secure the health, happiness, and wealth of the couple.  So have you charted the next steps into a new life, our mesmerizing jewelry will be with you as a reminder of all the beauty and love you deserve. Visit our website now and check out amazing products at a very reasonable price.

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