Nila means ‘Beauty/Moon’

            A half moon gold stud earrings with a floral top is just chunky enough for the modern youth of today.  Make it your forever favourite after you purchase it from Abiraame Jewellers.  Mark yourself as a celestial beauty and be the best woman in choosing gold stud earrings among your peer group.  Embrace simplicity with small gold stud earrings in crescent moon shape and hype up your selection taste among friends.

            It goes well from your jeans till your little black dress that you wear to parties also.  We have a mesmerizing array of light weight designs that bedazzle you and grab 100% attention when you wear it and go to a show.  Half moon is a sign of fertility and is related to life and death.  Along with it it signifies empowerment as it is both waning and waxing moon.  So you can give it a try shopping online

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