Omaansh means ‘primordial sound, the origin of all sounds’

            Om is the ancient mantra with an infinite power.  Also called ‘Ohm’ or ‘Aum’ is a sacred sound of this Universe.  Wanna wear some religious jewellery collections?  Try out ‘om gold ring’ from Abiraame Jewellers.  It is even believed that this is a cosmic sound heard with a holy vibration by many of them.  Whether it is true or not, it helps us to connect with our positive energy and keep our souls happy and in a meditative state.  Order spiritual rings from the experienced dealers of 916 hallmark jewellery in Singapore.

            If you wish to energize your crown chakra or third eye all you have to do is piously meditate with your senses open towards the almighty and generate awakening and enlightenment in your life to come.  All this becomes easily possible with a right addition of spiritual jewellery to your spiritual journey in the form of om jewellery. 

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