Omansh means ‘the sacred sound of om, primordial sound or also known as beginning of all sounds in this world’

            Add the power of spiritual protection rings to your everyday life and be confident about your decisions and endeavors.  It is the sacred sound of this universe that can be felt and heard in all objects in and around us - Om, Aum or Ohm.  This om ring with stones is one of the latest design rings that falls under the category of men’s spiritual rings.  It is a fast moving product among our customers because of its new design embedded with normal white stones.  Order online from the best Indian gold jewellery Singapore - Abiraame Jewellers.

            Just calm down your senses, get relieved from all stress and tensions, awaken your consciousness by adorning your daily outfits with a spiritual ohm ring for men from the popular jewelry of Singapore.  Proven to be the best among devotional mens ring designs.  Ping us or contact us for more designs and details about this wonderful ring with stones.

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