Padhmasani is the name of a goddess in tamil

The kind of earrings you wear contribute to how pretty and confident you feel. Double-sided stud earrings with diamond stones make girls look fashionable and gorgeous because they add charm to your outfit and overall appearance. If you are searching for something modern yet traditional for your heavy designer outfit then why not go with these perfectly designed front back earrings, check out these front and back gold with diamond stones earrings and style your pride with royalty on every occasion you go.


Where can I buy front and back stud earrings online?

To fulfill every woman's desires Abiraame Jewellers is the biggest traditional jewellers in Singapore, we have a vast collection of uniquely engraved pure gold Jewellery and a good lot of many at one place. By buying @ Abiraame Jewellers heart-shaped double-sided unique earrings we assure you that no one is going to wear the same exact piece which is only and only meant for you. Our jewellery is loved all over India and Singapore where we have thousands of happy customers and if you are ready to be part of our happy family then no more waiting, Visit our website now and fill your cart with unique pieces of gold jewellery right now. HAPPY SHOPPING!

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