Padmini means ‘lotus pond’

Want to adorn the sacred space onto your ears with spiritual Collections? Add a touch of chic to your traditional ensembles with these beautiful spiritual Lakshmi kasu earrings. Featured is the auspicious gold Lakshmi earrings designed with motifs intricately carved onto the gold base. @Abiraame Jewellers is a prime example of traditional culture, south Indian jewelry and craft heritage that has been revived in ancient times. With goddess Lakshmi at the center of your earlobes, these gold earrings radiate a rich glow with embellishments the specialty of the product. Browse our website now and explore more pieces from the range today!

   The reasons why you have to wear an earring are:

      Makes your face look more attractive and prettier.

     A goodness feeling factor for womanhood.

     Married women wear gold earrings as a superior adornment adhering to cultural norms.

     Enhances your obsession with gold jewelry

     Spiritual jewelry not only adds charm to your appearance but also wades away evil powers around you.

     The flow of positive  energy is maintained in your body

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