Paksha means ‘phases of moon’

            Just imagine that you believe in something then it is sure to happen because “Belief has power”.  So if you believe in astrology then make sure you own a pretty navrathna ring like this.  A man’s choice of jewellery to wear on a daily basis can be a simple, elegant navratna ring. 

            The nine stones represent nine planets being besides you in all endeavors.  Will you not feel confident about the same?  That’s why these rings were only friends of kings several centuries ago.  Do you know the health benefits of each of these gemstones?

     Ruby helps in curing any of your ailments

     Pearl strengthens your body completely when water that touches the pearl touches your body

     Red coral improves blood circulation

     Emerald brings success in love and happiness at home

     Yellow sapphire keeps you focussed on your business or professional goals

     Diamond makes you the right leader

     Blue sapphire keeps you calm and relaxed

     Hessonite balances your physical, emotional and mental state

     Cat’s eye keeps you away from evil eyes.

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