Parameshwara means ‘supreme lord or highest supreme ruler’

            Daily pujas and arathis keeps you away from ill effects of all planets.  But wearing a spiritual locket and keeping God close to your anahata chakra will save you both from ill effects of various planets and evil energies at ease. Those who already wear rudrakshas can make an addition to their spiritual pendant list with this shivling pendant. 

The shivling is considered to be the form of the formless Lord Shiva.  This shivalingam pendant has been engraved so beautifully in 22kt yellow gold with tripundra and a center pink stone on it.  It has a perfect finishing touch from skilled artisans of Abiraame Jewellers and looks awesome on you.  Wondering why you should wear a shivalingam pendant?  It increases concentration of mind, enables meditation, awakens chakras and keeps you energetic.  Order online and be blessed always with the sacred powers of almighty.

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