Parimala means ‘modern, simple, trustworthy person’

            A wonderful maa Durga pendant or pottu amman locket which brings all her blessings, provides courage, prosperity and happiness in your lifes can now be bought online from us.  Pick Abiraame Jewellers when you are looking for spiritual gold locket design for ladies as we have innumerable varieties for you to choose from.  An exclusive wide range is available that you really have chances to get confused on which to choose.  But keeping multiple pendants is always better so that with just a simple change in locket you can make yourself look more attractive and beautiful when you are getting ready in a hurry at times. 

            If you have a round face choosing an elongated shape of pendant would help better.  When you have an oval face you can pick a round shaped or square shaped pendant.  Check out our pendants section to be astonished with designs that are available for both men and women.  Buy online from us and enjoy wearing them!

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