Making the marriage relationship more beautiful is what all of us like to happen naturally.  Following Indian culture with the sacred thread tying makes that possible to a certain extent is what our elders have believed upto date.  The mangalsutra design differs in each culture though the selection of the chain is left to the bride mostly.  Here at Abiraame Jewellers we have expert artisans who can customize your mangalsutra or thali pendant according to your traditions and culture. 

We have craftsmen who have created almost every single South Indian thali design till date for more than 5000 marriages.  This Perumal M Thali is one such pendant design which was added up to a bride’s main wedding jewels from us.  We wish goodluck and a long term relationship that lasts forever for the married couple.  Our intention is to act positively when you buy wedding jewels from us and that works out well too.  This is what many of our regular customers for more than 3 generations have stated and felt happy about.  So trust us to buy your bridal collections and the sacred thali designs you wish to wear as per your culture.  You are sure to come back for more - son, grandson and great-grandson too.

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