Phoebe means ‘radiant, shining one’


      Behest by your side those shining bangle which is like none others!  No look is complete or fulfilled without that ornament on your wrists.  Whether you are single or married, this bangle adorns your hands with no exception to your age too!  Any women would prefer to keep her hands shaking out with a melodious sound when she moves around either at home or in any festive occasions too. 

            If you are one who agrees to it, you can order online from your Abiraame Jewellers, Singapore to hold a place of pride wherever you go.  The enameled mango shapes carved in the midst of motif designs in the bangle encompasses more charm to it.  The pattern in it is so uniquely carved and is a sure peculiar piece in latest times.  You cannot see one like this anywhere else!

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