Rukmini means ‘adorned with gold’ and is another name of goddess Lakshmi

            Romance fills the air when it comes to the jingling of bangles on your beautiful hand wrists, isn’t it?  But this staple accessory is a special blessing to mandate by your side always.  Feel complete and more positive with the help of wearing beautiful, simple, plain, thin daily wear gold bangles.  These bangles do not tangle with your dresses embroidery as they don’t have any sharp edges or there are no other issues like dirt absorption or fading out.  Hence, much suitable for daily use.

            Any jewel with a dazzling appearance will be your true love, but sometimes the simple ones steal the show & that’s for a professional look you require.  Order online after having a look at the best daily wear gold bangle models which last longer and have no complaints till date from Abiraame Jewellers.

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