Sadhvi means ‘noble, honest and righteous woman’

            A best go-to style for women is gold haram designs which have a traditional appearance when worn with pretty Kanchipuram sarees.  It gives an opulent pensive look augmenting the beauty of both the costume and yourself.  Explore your favourite latest gold haram designs with weight and price (low to high or high to low) by using the sort by filters we have at the top.  We also have gold haram designs in light weight such as 20 to 30 grams and heavy weights such as 30 to 60 grams and above too which can give a majestic aura when you wear it. 

            No wedding is complete without this kind of exquisite piece of jewellery like harams.   Singapore gold haram designs are the best and we have unique variations in the same.  Don’t hesitate to WhatsApp us @ +65 91669909 if you couldn’t find any designs that satisfy you.  Our jewellery experts will help you find the best gold haram designs from our catalogue. 

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