Seerthi means ‘fame’

In Hinduism elephant jewelry holds a sacred symbolism, yani mudi mothiram is believed to protect you and your family from evil dosha and bad drishti. Diamond elephant hair ring is a symbol of unity and makes you feel positive. This yanai mudi gold from Abiraame Jewellers is a magical pattern made with real hair of an elephant which is said to bring luck and fortune in your future.  As one grows from a boy to man, the sense of responsibility takes root in your thoughts, this elephant hair gold ring can give you the motivation to move forward.   You can gift this to your brothers, grandparents or your son to have a prosperous, happy and peaceful life.


Do you need some elephant energy in your life?

Elephant jewelry is a symbol of strength and longevity. People of the olden days strongly believed wearing jewelry of elephant hair would enrich their lives and protect them from bad evil. Henceforth whoever wears this gold with diamond elephant hair ring will be blessed with happiness, health prosperity, and progress. What you can find unique about Abiraame Jewellers is they always try to keep the Indian touch in the world of modern designs and a combination of gold, diamond, elephant hair surpasses everything. Visit our website now to avail best deals and new designs and get the best prices in Singapore, For more information ping us @ +65 91669909 on WhatsApp.

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