Shirali means ‘peacock - a person with humble, saintly quality’

Today’s women can't go for nature’s freedom because they are so much giving into their responsibilities that they couldn’t bear the time, a woman can show her vogue and gratitude with anything she wears or implements. This pure gold simple yet stylish peacock gold nose pin embellishes the glorified art with the class and dignity of every woman. This extraordinary unique peacock nose pin with blue and white stone perfectly goes with any saree or any traditional outfit on a wedding occasion to make your look remarkable. The touch of nature in your jewellery design is yearning to personify your personality. We @Abiraame Jewellers believe that designing jewelry is an art and making jewelry is a craft. We provide elegant jewelry pieces that are made to give sophistication to your look and personality. The products we sell represent utmost intricacy which you will never discover anywhere else. Get this peacock stylish gold nose stud now and flaunt your jewelry proudly anywhere you go.

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