Sudha means ‘the immortal nectar’

We all know beautiful ancient antique Lakshmi designed gold earrings can be so appealing on wedding occasions.  A design that captures the traditional culture and heritage of the south Indians - for a bridal look that’s impeccable and regal. It's a charming creation for a traditional ensemble.  Adorn this antique gold jhumkas with a Kanchipuram silk saree and a light makeup that beautifies your look.  Perfect on festive days or any function to look the most glamorous lady ever.  Get ready to be the attraction hub of the event. 

The unique design and our creative design have changed the entire idea and game of the latest and on-trend jewellery. Every item that you will come across @Abiraame Jewellers website will leave you wowing every time because that is how our unique products are, shop now and spill positivity wearing this 4-gram gold jimikki kammal.  Browse through our website, shop online and for more information ping us @ +65 91669909 in WhatsApp.

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