Thangathai means ‘gold in tamil’

            A forever attraction for women in different aspects of life is nothing but jewellery especially those long haram designs which rock their traditional attire completely.  Simple elegant harams are a default go-to-style with your Indian wear and makes you more awesome.  When you wear something that is crafted with love heavier than the regular necklaces that dances around your chest, you will be the happiest person right?  The long necklace designs that you find at Abiraame Jewellers are each unique, special and fashionable pieces and stays anew for a longer time than the usual ones.

            Shop your gold long necklaces to form the best haram designs for wedding or the right kind of bridesmaid collection by browsing through our varied designs and making your order online from the best gold shop.  Ethnic, outstanding, perfect pieces of accessories for your evening occasions are there to purchase online Singapore. 

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