Thanvi means ‘great, grace, beauty, goddess of Durga’

            A sacred thread is the most important jewel of marriage but just for that reason it cannot be made the usual way and in the same design for all the brides isn’t it?  Each one's choice differs.  And for that reason we have numerous thali designs available for you to choose from.  Not only the new brides but also the other married women who need a change for their thali chain can choose from the new model gold thali chain designs that we have.  Do explore varied thali designs here.

The best South Indian mangalsutra or thali chain designs are available @ Abiraame Jewellers.  Pick it up to be the best amidst your peers in jewellery selection. Sometimes you may feel wearing only a thali chain with mugappu is enough for any parties or functions or get-togethers you attend especially when you are fed up of wearing those necklaces and other jewels.  Simplicity at many times works best!  If you believe in this you can order online here.

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