Thanvi means ‘another name for goddess Durga, beautiful slender, delicate girl’

We all know silk sarees are the favorite of all Indian women. A royal handcrafted necklace is always a well matching accompaniment.  It also goes perfectly with any of your traditional attire. The gold locket pendant has the power to augment your beauty in a necklace form when worn along with your favourite chain.  It’s a glory of the fact that we @Abiraame Jewellers craft our jewelry with love and care so you definitely keep one in your collection and feel the magnificence. This fancy pendant acknowledges women’s beauty, dignity, and charisma as we intricate it with a touch of Indian art.  Adorn this exclusive necklace with festive wear to look gorgeous.  It’s a beautifully crafted handmade pure gold jewelry for today’s versatile women.  If you are looking for a high quality high-end unique, stunning, exclusive design fancy pendant then this is the best place you have chosen to browse.

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