Varapradha means ‘the giver of grace and boon’

A fancy and trendy piece of gold dollar sign pendant is to unlock the purest feeling in your heart and also to manifest wealth in your life!  This gold chain with a dollar sign will undeniably command anyone's attention and fill you up with compliments coming your way.  It’s a perfect gold ornament that goes well with classy shirts and makes you sparkle each day with an extraordinary 22kt pure gold-accented design. But this amazing dollar sign pendant along with the gold chain adds a touch of elegance with unrivaled brilliance as any dollar sign jewelry brings a classic glamor radiance for your ensemble. This is also a thoughtful gift for your partner on your special day of the anniversary, birthday, or any day which is worth celebrating.  Come join our family and have a wonderful shopping experience with @Abiraame Jewellers, where every ornament is crafted with care and delivered in love. HAPPY SHOPPING!

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