Yokshita means ‘heaven, a person who has true faith’


      As we all know peacocks have an astonishing enigma of wonder filled plumages and hundreds of eyespots on them.  From childhood we all would have pondered why and how beautiful nature is!  Do you wish to have the mystery solved related to their ornithology? 

      It’s because they wish to please their partners and scare away those able predators!  Their ladies out there need something precious to get attracted to them, right?  And that’s why the males spend so much energy to produce them.  Yes, the showy plumage is not all created by nature, it costs a lot of the birds energy!  

      This moment has been captured rightly by our craftsmen in this design and it’s truly eye-captivating and a protection to yourself which makes you add to cart immediately.  Enjoy ordering online!

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