Yukthashree means ‘brilliant, naughty’

Surprising you with the ohm design on the elephant hair bangles. This Yanai mudi antique gold bracelet is specially designed for personalities who are independent and unique who are intellectual and deep thinkers, analytical, and who love being classy by wearing bossy gold ornaments.  You can't miss out on an additional om design crafted to make the bangles more special for you.

This elephant tail hair bracelet will add sophistication to your persona because elephant hair is supposed to represent strength and ward off the evil eye and gives you positive wisdom in your life. Spiritual symbols engraved have something to talk about and hints used with their style and uniqueness, especially it is helpful for people who have nightmares and get affected by bad vibes. We at Abiraame Jewellers assure you with full surety in quality, affordability, and design. For more information connect us  @+65 91669909 on WhatsApp.

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