Thinking of buying your bridal jewelry but don’t know where and what to look for?

If you are living out of India and feel fascinated about south Indian traditional gold jewelry sets for marriage, now you don’t have to come to India all the way to shop for bridal gold sets or diamond wedding jewelry when you live abroad.  Definitely not when technology is at its peak and we are here to help you make the best choices and shop best through online here at Abiraame Jewellers. 


For a girl, her wedding day is the special day of her life, full of emotions and it shows on the expressions of everybody present to witness the holy union, and of course, the beautiful bride. On the evening before your wedding day, as you make sure all the arrangements have been made, you realize that the dawn of tomorrow will change everything. It will make your entry into a new life. A life that you will build with the person you have chosen to marry. Doesn’t it need to be more and more special? 

While you put on your bridal ensemble, the allure of south Indian traditional jewelry reminds you that certain things don’t change on the big day that is your dream day. You pace back and forth, with equal proportions of nervousness and excitement to cherish in every step of the moment, filled with kajal and twinkles of gold jewellery. It’s time, you tell your overpowering nerves. And when you sit in front of the mirror, complementing your ensemble with the stunning pieces of jewelry by Abiraame Jewellers, and it’s when our jewelry becomes special on your big day. A reminder of your blooming future, and the amazing journey ahead! 


Let’s imagine this scenario, in between all of the crowd present to bless you on your special day and you march towards the mandap looking divine in your bridal attire, and gold necklace glimmers as it witnesses the celebrations of your love. The walk to the mandapam carries with itself all the exhilaration of the moments that led to it.  With each and every step, your heart skips a beat and you breathe a little heavier.  But then you lock eyes with your future and that’s when you know there’s nowhere else you’d rather be as you and your partner both share a furtive glance of love, and our wedding jewelry set acts as a canvas for all the happiness you paint in the world around you on your special day; it’s just and a reminder of the emotional realization. 


Awesome gold jewelry a Bride-to-be must have in her Wedding Trousseau


For every girl, her wedding jewelry shopping is the most awaited task as soon as her engagement gets fixed. From shopping for the wedding outfit, jewelry and putting together her wedding trousseau is not at all that easy as it seems to be.  Take a look at our most trending bridal jewelry crafted with love and care. 


Attigai (Choker) 

Attigai necklace has gained popularity in recent times apart from slaying the basic wear and party looks, this gold jewelry has popularly been in Indian bride’s trousseau and also with many brides choosing to go for a long attigai also called as long haram necklace on their wedding day. This gives a very royal and classy look to the wedding lehenga making it stunning. Also, here you can find variants of choker necklaces with Lakshmi coins, colored stones, mullai mottu and other latest design necklaces.


Rani Haar (long necklace)

Rani haar is also called a haram necklace which is usually long and can be single-stringed. This style gives an authentic look to your whole bridal attire. It is usually accompanied by other gold necklaces just like a choker, also uniquely crafted necklaces to make it look more elegant.  No doubt it looks awesome when layered with a tiny-style neckpiece. Though if your wedding attire is very basic and when compared with just rani haar would also look so just royal.


Mookuthi (nose ring)

A nose ring adds an extra charm to your face and also your entire look. Accessorize a beautiful gold nose ring for a complete makeover which will add extra glam. Check out our page to find an amazing collection of nose rings where you'll definitely have one piece in your jewelry collection for the wedding. 


Kolusu (Payal)

Payals are stunning jewelry that is meant to be very auspicious to be worn on the feet. Payals are mostly crafted in silver metal, the melodious sound when the bride moves, lends her an aura of an enigma and makes her look elegant. Choose from our various designs and adorn your feet with the best traditional kolusu.


Kai kappu - Bridal Bracelets 

Kai kappu are a symbol of Indianness worldwide and are worn by brides as well as grooms.  It is basically bracelets for both men and women that will give you a bold and masculine look, perfect for any occasion or daily wear. This not only gives a traditional tint but also a stylish look.


Maang Teeka (nethi chutti)

It is being said that in Indian weddings a lot of importance is given to the hair parting which brings us to the next wedding jewelry which is called nethi chutti in Tamil and maang teeka in the north. The dangling part is mostly a pendant which makes your entire makeover very traditional and classy. It is said that without nethi chutti bridal jewelry is incomplete.


Bridal earring

Among all the Jewelleries, earrings are the most important element for bridal jewelry. When everyone’s eye is on you and the stunning outfit of your special day a modern yet traditional south Indian earring is eye captivating as it showcases the glory of your choker and nethi chutti. Check on our wide range of gold earrings crafted with love and care only for you!!


            Fill yourself with the best of jewels and rock the show of your wedding for everyone of your friends and family members to get astonished looking at your style and ensemble!

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