Wear Your Attitude And Not Just Gold Pendants – An Everyday Jewellery!

After you’re groomed up with prettiest clothes, fashionable earrings, glowing make-up, remarkable bracelet, expensive watch and exclusively high-heeled footwear in an admirable, pleasant & charming manner, have you felt that something is missing when you look at your own reflection?  If yes, then you have forgotten to wear your attitude and not just Gold Pendants to shoot up your looks to a more stylish way!  Make Gold Pendants an everyday jewellery wear & choose them strikingly and peculiarly to decorate your neckline.  Ultimately you end up being a fashion maker and not a fashion follower!  

History of Gold Pendants!

The earliest and the archaic accessories worn by humans are pendants.  In ancient days, our predecessors were wearing the teeth of animals, rarest kinds of shells, pretty scarce types of stones, amulets or talismans as pendants around their neck which were suspended from chains made from colourful beads.  But now, it has become a status quo or a style quotient for a woman or a man in his everyday life!  To make your decisions tough and be spoilt for choices, we at Abiraame Jewellers have the widest variety of gold pendants collections for you.  Want to have a look at those?  Then a good read further for you…

Varieties of Gold Pendants!

“The right pendant for the right person on the right occasion is the right way to go ahead!”  - Abiraame Jewellers!

The gold pendants that you wear are believed to bring all the good luck, fortune, prosperity, happiness, peace, positive energy and love in your life.  Even if the pendant as such does not do anything, when your mind thinks about it that reflects back from the universe to you.  This is what we strongly believe!  Now, let’s dive into the best of best creations of varieties of gold pendants that we have at your Abiraame Jewellers Singapore, the best gold online shop in Singapore! To stay minimal in your appearance yet play the fashionable gold jewellery game & mould yourself to look perfectly you should choose your pendants rightly for the right occasions.  We give you some suggestions there…

Spiritual Pendants!


A temple visit or a first time travel to high school or college for that pious girl or guy out there, spiritual pendants are apt.  Invoke the blessings of all your favourite gods be it Lord Ganesha, Lord Balaji, Lord Hanuman, Lord Murugan, Sanskrit Om, Goddess Lakshmi, rudhraksha pendants or Jesus Christ – cross locket, with just keeping them close to your heart in a pendant form. 

Meaningful Pendants!


Any kind of a gold pendant that has a symbolism can be called as meaningful pendants, isn’t it?  When you grow into an adult from a teen, you deserve more responsibilities in the home and your parents can honor you with a 21 years key pendant.  Check with even more audacious designs like the sangu locket, gold amulets or eye locket, abacus lockets, the name pendants or the initial pendants which are all having their significance in bringing only good luck to you!  

Fancy Pendants!


If you are a person who admires nature then a blooming flower, rising sun, shining blaze of the moon, vibrant colours of the scenes around you will all capture your attention and hypnotize your senses and thus keep you the happy person ever.  Moreover, when you have the perfect attire and an amazing outfit, the gold pendants should be chosen in such a way to compliment your new experiences, emotions and moments of pure joy.  Why don’t you pick the dazzling ongoing trends of gold pendants that expresses all facets of your personality and be self-endorsed!  

Gemstone Pendants!


The colourful saga of gemstone gold pendants is timeless, irrespective of age and fashion.  Even name and initial pendants are heirloom pieces and never fade out in their look and feel, but still the ones that are related to your birth date and star with relevant colours has the real essence in it!  Gemstone pendants are the perfect addition to your jewel box to add up to your overall ensemble.  In fact, they are the best formal, daily and party wear accessories which add up a natural style to your looks.  

Mugappu Pendants!

‘Mugappu’ or ‘Mopu’ or ‘Mogapu’ designs are an alluring addition to your regular traditional thali chains.  Those young ladies out there will have their love for the beautifully designed mugappu designs which comes in various forms like peacock, flowers, pious goddess lakshmi engraved in stones or just simple hearts or balls.  When you attend a far relatives or friends wedding ceremony, you can easily flaunt your looks with the best mugappu designs and even avoid wearing necklaces as the mugappu pendants would highlight your attire totally.

Thali Pendants!

Every custom or tradition has their own heritage and rituals followed during wedding ceremonies.  The thali designs vary from caste to caste, region to region, and religion to religion too!  But all those parents who look to buy thali pendants will check for the most lucky, renowned, age-old jewellers so that their children’s lives are more prosperous and happy.  We have already made thali pendants for more than 5000 marriages in these 55 years.  I think this is a valid qualification for you to choose Abiraame Jewellers to order your pillayar thali pendant, pottu thali pendant, banana thali kasu pendant, lakshmi kasu, chettinad thali… and many more.

Make statement gold pendant companions to your outings be it weddings, casual wears, candle night dinners, love proposals, marriage gifts or expressing your gratitude to your near and dear ones.  Let the legacy of our ancestors follow and let your status quo be on the rise.  Fill your jewellery wardrobes with wider range of gold pendants collection and make the following year a fun-filled one with bliss and ecstasy!  Don’t forget to order your favourite gold pendants from Abiraame Jewellers Singapore – the perfect Indian gold jewellery.  

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