A glimpse into the gold pendant designs that make you fiesta ready!

“Give a girl the right jewellery and she can conquer the world!”

            Jewellery has always been a part of earthly culture for quite some time.  You can notice that every era has shaped jewellery in its own style and manner.  Back in history centuries ago jewellery was all made of simple shells, stones and bones but now it has become a part of showing your status quo.  When you have a party or feast to attend, the way you present yourself with the right kind of outfit and accessories has become crucial to get the actual impression you need.  If this is your case, then you shall have a glimpse of few gold pendant designs that make you fiesta ready just in a jiffy.  We have various modern gold pendant designs for female, custom pendants, stylish initial or name gold locket designs, pendant sets and pendant chains. 

            When the wedding season is set on or your year-ender parties and festival celebrations are waiting for your fashion finds that are stocked and piled up, but you wish to wear something new – then pick up these gold pendants as you know “single size suits all” fits only for pendant chains right? 

Custom Pendants

            Custom jewellery will add up your taste to the jewel you pick to buy.  It is more affordable than what you think.  Staying within your budget giving life to your design is just possible with ease when you join hands with Abiraame Jewellers.  Change the jewellery trend and be a fashionista when you attend those grand parties, festivals and other special occasion with bizarre, unique, exquisite custom pendant designs from us.  We give life to your thoughts and a few samples are peacock pendant gold https://ajs.com.sg/gold-pendants/peacock-pendant-gold.html, ruby and emerald pendant  https://ajs.com.sg/gold-pendants/lovely-ruby-and-emerald-pendant-set.html, and grapes pendant in two tone https://ajs.com.sg/gold-pendants/two-tone-beautiful-grapes-bunch-pendant.html.

 https://ajs.com.sg/img/p/3/9/5/1/3951-large_default.jpg https://ajs.com.sg/img/p/3/9/2/9/3929-large_default.jpg https://ajs.com.sg/img/p/3/9/1/9/3919-large_default.jpg

Fabulous designs that will stick to your neckline and lets your jewellery speak more than your outfit, right?  With no hesitations order your favorite custom pendant from us here @ https://ajs.com.sg/index.php?id_category=5&controller=category


Stylish Name Or Initial Locket Designs

            Men or women, something that shows your unique persona with a simple touch of fashion and piles up to your complete and charming looks is stylish name locket designs or initial pendants or monogram necklaces.  These are timeless pieces and serve as the right solution when you are confused with what to wear as a necklace design to parties.  This is one among the best ornaments to personalize your jewellery and make it as phenomenal as you.  The metal preference is also open these days and you can pick up – 22k yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, diamonds or gemstones engraved in gold alphabets.  Anything you desire is possible to be given life when you order  https://ajs.com.sg/gold-pendants/beautiful-red-white-and-green-stone-c-letter-pendant.html  @ AJS.  You can even customize pendants in your mother tongue and get them carved from us be it Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Chinese, Japanese or Hindi.  We do it all!



Modern Gold Pendant Designs For Female

            When you are looking for a trinket that is imbibed with significance plus suiting a modern woman then pick up those peculiar designs from jewellers who create sparkling designs belonging to this era.  Classic gold pendant designs for female that can be paired up with all dresses like sari, t-shirt, jeans and maxi-dress are those colored crystal stone pendants, geometrically crafted pendants with perfect https://ajs.com.sg/gold-pendants/pretty-mango-shaped-design-pendant.html, floral pendants with diamond https://ajs.com.sg/gold-pendants/fancy-flower-gold-pendant.html , delightfully appealing heart pendants and other fruits and shapes of your choice. 


pendant earrings set, pendant and earring set, gold pendant set with earrings, pendant set with earrings gold     https://ajs.com.sg/img/p/2/5/2/3/2523-large_default.jpg

Pendant Chains

            When you wish a facile transition from a casual to dressy just with a surprising air of everyday usage then pendant set and pendant chains complement your attire completely.  Your crisp white shirt and denim jeans will look stunning with a simple pendant chain.  They also have a sentimental touch when lying close to your heart in a long chain reminding you of your elders at home in case they have gifted it to you especially those grannies show their special love to the grand daughters with simple pendants they have treasured for years together.  Whether you wish to give one or have received one both the memories are very precious.  Create such beautiful stories and happenings in life that adds more value by purchasing the best long lasting perfectly crafted gold pendant designs from Abiraame Jewellers. 

            Elevate your neckline by picking from the vast array of our gold locket designs in varied ranges and collections.  Browse through for more ideas ladies you are sure to be impressed better than any other jewelers you have seen before.  Fall in love with these best pendants and locket we own to make it yours. 


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