BA000950 – NAIRITI BANGLES - நைரிதி வளையல் Nairiti means ‘Apsara or Angel’ Are you a person who is willing to have an unparalleled look when you are present in any occasion? Then you need to definitely pay attention to the jewelry you wear. This is one of such kind where people will call you an Apsaras. When you wear these bangles, be ready for the complements to flood in! They may drown you! It gives you a sophisticated and cheerful look at the same time. For all the surprises that are awaiting you, order online @ your Abiraame Jewellers, Singapore. Get free delivery anywhere in Singapore! #BanglesLatest Designs #NewBangles #GoldBangles #PartyWearBangles #GoldAtLessPrice #WhereToBuyGoldOnline

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