When you just want to bounty yourself with a grand accessory, it needs to be Gold Jewellery!  “Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique!” – Elizabeth Taylor.  Whether it is a gala dinner or a thanksgiving evening or luncheon with your friends – Will you not feel unique and proud to wear exceptional jewellery that represents your personality for every occasion you attend? 

You never get a do-over to make your first impression the best impression!

            Every little detailing that you do while dressing up yourself defines your personality.  Don’t you believe in this?  I do!  The appropriate choice of jewellery can show the right you to the crowd even when there is no need to for words.   Each person is special and he or she can fit into any of these categories!

  • Authentic & Character-driven:  Antique, traditional and authentic jewellery is most suitable to prove that you are interesting person and an exceptional schmoozer.  It makes you a trendsetter too!  Your colour-coordinated jewellery selection proves that you are the professional one who can never be replaced!
A Professional's Antique Choice!
  • Social, Bubbly & Outgoing Personality:  A social person will be often the life of the party.  You are the cheerful lot and just so much fun filling with energy and bubbly aura around the place you are in.  Enjoy wearing a hoop earring, pop style ring, funky necklace or a colourful pendant to be the party animal. 
A Creative, Outgoing, Fun-filled Person's Pick!

  • Sincere and Honest:  A sincere, honest person will like minimalist jewelleries that are aesthetic and nature-themed.  Subtly elevating your look are geometric shaped earrings, leaf shaped pendants & floral design necklaces.  Choose a gemstone that suits your zodiac in ring or pendant form too to steal the show.  Even a navarathna necklace or a pearl necklace set shows your sincerity in every endeavor.  

An Honest Person's Liking!

  • Melancholic, simple & Elegant Personality:  You are the independent, self-reliant plethora that are shy or reserved yet thoughtful and anxious striving for perfection.  For your meticulous & orderly approach striving for perfection why don’t you think of diamond studs, thin gold necklaces, abacus pendants / rings, plain rings or bracelets milder in designing yet catchy? 

Just the real You!


  • Dazzling and Adorable:  A vibrant personality’s choice is always the Pavo Collections – perfect peacock jewels in forms of earrings, rings, bracelet, necklaces or mugappu (For those who are married and the holy thread becomes a must wear, a daily wear choice is a Peacock Mugappu).  Peacock is always a sign of protection and a dazzling, adorable person definitely needs it.  

Pavo Collections!



          If you are a fashionista then, you take up things as it comes but still be steady in your decisions as you do not want anyone to misjudge you.  Am I right?  You are truly willing to build a stylish wardrobe by staying current with the trends in the industry and researching on social media or magazines for your essentials then your right choice of jewellery collection would be Abiraame Jewellers, Singapore.  Order Online for all your favourites and be up-to-date in fashion!

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