How to select the best jewellery?
You and Me are HUMANS, right?  All of us have a need for jewellery, but why precisely?  The motivational theory in psychology says every human after having met basic, safety and love needs, comes to the ESTEEM NEEDS, where respect, self-esteem, status, recognition, strength and freedom become more significant.  When I say status, recognition & self-esteem, it brings into picture your outlook or appearance when you visit diverse places – be it a mega show, major event, apartment function or even friends or family get together.  Do you wish to be the X-Factor of any special event you attend during this festive season?  Willing to make heads turn and look at you to make it your day? 
Human esteem needs includes jewellery!
How to look trendy, astonishing and mind-blowing on your special day?

·         Is it your dream to look stunning and glamorous on any special day?

·         Be a trend setter and choose the rarest jewellery

·         Your outfits and jewellery makes you stand out of the flock

·         Wouldn’t you wish to be so? 

·         Will your pride not add up when someone enquires about your stunning jewellery collection? 

·         Taste may differ but only one rare piece wins and this can be that one.

Be a show stealer! 

v  Fit the occasion!

            All sorts of jewellery are gleaming and scintillating but should fit the occasion to be the highlight of the show & make your day.

·       Wedding invitee:  A family heirloom collection would leave your host & others with a magical spell.  Pair it with your lehenga, heavy gown or sari & mesmerize the crowd.

Royal, Grandeur, Majestic Look

·     Festival Look / Family Function:  Is it Deepavali, Christmas, Onam, Karwa Chauth, Dussehra, Pongal, Raksha Bandhan or any yaagas, pujas, house warming or religious ceremonies, just make distinct choices.
Be the Love of your Family!
areeba%2Bnecklace.jpg  hiral%2Bnecklace.jpg
·    Mega Music or Dance Show:  All your buddies are out there waiting to see you, enjoy the show and cherish every moment.  To be the best, be the prettiest!

Artistic, Pretty & Provocative!

assana%2Bnecklace.jpg kimaya%2Bnecklace.jpg
·   Party at Work:  Create your style statement at corporate events with subtle two-toned gold jewellery pairing your modern apparels!

Subtle, yet Striking, Two-toned Jewellery!

Diana%2B2%2BTone%2BNecklace%2BGold.jpg Diana%2B2%2BTone%2BNecklace%2BWhite%2BGold.jpg

               ·         Outing with friends:  The stylish look of yours and the real you is seen in the jewellery you choose.  Depending on your nature – if homely a pair of jhumkas that shakes in your ears making the heart of the listener also to be as wavy as its movements or a simple stud with your western, contemporary, modern attire.
Traditional Look!  /  Contemporary Attire!

Kruti%2BJimiki.jpg  Paris%2BEarring.jpg

v  Make it to complete your dressing!

            “Jewellery is the one little thing that makes your costume complete”.  It in fact expresses your personality!  So you can choose to be classy, baroque, funky, ethnic, grand, simple and stylish or however you wish yourself to be.

Fill Out Accessory!

v  Make it to be with personal significance!

             Your birthstone can be worn as rings or pendants to keep you away from evil eyes or any dangers around you.  It gives also a spiritual connection with the universe!

Embedded Birthstones / Navarathnas!

Alvira%2BRuby%2BRing.jpg     Hinal%2BBlue%2BSapphire%2BWith%2BDiamond%2BRing.jpg

            So, here you have the simple suggestions to makes everyone say WOW – when they look at your jewellery selections.  It gives more pride than ever!  Share this if you like it and to choose from a wide range of collections do visit 

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