Elegant Jewels That Sing Musical Carnatic Ragas To You!

Elegant Jewels That Sing Musical Carnatic Ragas To You!

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without!” – Confucius

The verdict of musical ragas evoking every human’s emotional response has been scientifically confirmed now.  All human emotions from tensed, calm, happy, sad, anxious, frustration, love, anger, courage, fear, wonder, peace…. Are all covered in the art of music within shruti, raga and tala.  Inspired by the ragas of Indian Carnatic music & keeping in mind that we humans are more connected to our jewelry with lots of feelings and enthusiasm, we named our brands @ Abiraame Jewellers after the ragas.  Each brand name has its own significance matching the raga after which it is termed.   If you wish to understand further on how and why each brand name was coined, keep reading…..

Vasantha Ragam - Floral Jewellery Designs


            The power of flower is incomparable with anything in nature.  Floral inspirations for a craftsman have just been there for ages together now.  The curves, cuts, bends, layers, petals, leaves, stems and the colors of those enchanting flowers has been significantly used in jewellery designing.  Flowers are also a part of the festive spirit and they instill hope in humans.  Similar to this in the musical arena is the raga named VASANTHA that means ‘springtime’ and is sung in the evenings plus clearly associated with hope and positivity which are the true qualities of nature. That is why our floral jewellery vasantha raga is titled after the janya raga of Suryakantam, 17th melakartha raga.  Enjoy the versatile qualities of floral jewellery and you are sure to be 100% satisfied with our ever-evolving designs @ AJS. 

Mohanam Ragam – Adorable Modern Dazzling Jewellery Designs