Gold Necklaces made by blending past into present and finds a place in future!

“Jewelry is a very personal thing. It should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it.” – Garance Daré

As the saying goes this personal thing – your jewellery should weave a story about you and speak of your personality and taste, isn’t it? How do you think this is possible? Every one of us constantly strive to stand out from the crowd by expressing our individuality albeit in dressing, accessorizing, studies, status quo, job, brilliance levels, profession and many more. But don’t you think when it comes to accessories; you can easily nail it with sensational statement 916 gold necklace designs from the best gold online Singapore store - AJS. Yep, something like a fusion gold necklace or gold chain can make the job easier for you. The perfect fusion in your attire can be enhanced by wearing gold necklaces made by blending past into present and finds a place in future too!

For a first timer with confusion in design options, the best place to buy gold jewellery or gold chain Singapore and that too with people more than 50 years of experience are Abiraame Jewellers. With the skillful craftsmen we have, all we can do for you is that we can help you get clarity in your designs expectations within your budget too! Don’t you feel you have landed in the right place – Abiraame Jewellers, Singapore?

Early styles of Gold Necklaces

In ancient artistry, necklaces were not made of any precious metal like gold, platinum or diamond stones engraved, but they were just a form of jewellery made with shells of sea creatures, small colored rocks, animal bones and teeth or anything that was considered rare and costly which expresses the wealth and social status of the wearer. Later, we became civilized and learned to work with gold – the soft metal. One ounce of gold can be stretched to a nearly 50 miles! Many necklaces from the Mesopotamian culture are found by archaeologists with brightness of gold engraved with an intense blue stone called lapus lazuli. Aren’t these examples of filigree, repoussé and granulation? Yep! Then come the ornamentation and casting methods using which designs are crafted easily. All you have to do is adopt this olden style of jewel making with this precious metal. We at Abiraame Jewellers can carve out for you any shape of motif chain that is your choice and a few samples of our customized gold necklace designs with layered beads, heart-shaped shells, bold arch patterns, leafy wonders and garland of leaves are showcased below.

Past TrendsPast Trends Jewellery Necklaces

past jewelleryPast Trends Jewellery

Present Trends of Gold Necklace Designs

Gold necklaces were made to exhibit suitable descriptive and stylistic features of that particular period but from region to region. The present trends are influenced with naturalistic styles of necklaces suiting fashionable dresses and youngsters prefer meaningful jewellery collections. A simple chain with any of the pendant varieties like globe pendants, flower designs and motif chain with pendants are famous nowadays. You can see that the past is just blended into the present designs too but with an addition of simplicity.

past jewelleryPast Trends Jewellery

past jewelleryPast Trends Jewellery

Futuriste and all time favourites

Just look like a diva and start conversations with statement jewels! Buying affordable jewellery is no longer the fashion of women who have started contributing to the economy. All what a woman needs is reinforced jewellery quality with a perfect finishing touch that makes a handshake with her aura. Don’t you think this new sensations to drool of gold necklaces are completely stone filled? With no doubt it is going to be diamonds, gemstones, sateur stones, crystals and enamels too! Just a bit of color is what every woman likes to add to her life as well as to her jewel collection! If you agree then you are sure to like these patterns and stay with us in your best jewellery wardrobe collection choices!

past jewelleryPast Trends Jewellery

past jewelleryPast Trends Jewellery

You can opt to blend the chain of past with the pendant of present and layer it up with stone structured lengthier chains to be the master gold necklace - Fledgling Fashionista! We at Abiraame Jewellers Singapore help you be in harmony with the fashion world of jewellery. When you also think to buy gold online Singapore especially when you feel like daunting in the beauty of gold chain Singapore all you need to do is think AJS!

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