Stand the test-of-time when you choose your jewels!

Stand the test-of-time when you choose your jewels!

            Jewellery being an integral component of your personal style apart from dressing, beyond a sign of luxury; I feel that you need to choose it to stand the test-of-time.  The need for this timeless jewellery choice arises when you pick up a heirloom statement necklace to last for generations to come or while choosing your wedding rings or when you are sure to name your grandson or granddaughter after you and they need your initial or name pendant or when the spiritual or scientific proof of your success needs to be passed over to the next generation and many more reasons as per your choice.

·         Heirloom Statement Necklaces!

            What makes a piece an heirloom collection for your family? – is the first question that arises when you pick a statement necklace.  The Value, Quality and Elegance of a jewel truly matters to make it speak stories of passion, romance, dreams, achievement and perhaps even loss at times.  Every loss is also learning, isn’t it?  When the reason why it was chosen to be an heirloom statement necklace is clear and evident, there is no doubt you will treasure it!  The fond memories of the person who owned it before you and the thought about who you will pass it on in your family, makes it even more precious, timeless and priceless, don’t you feel so?  Then you ought to choose a quality piece of jewellery that can be worn, appreciated and esteemed forever!             

      Tips:  Select a piece that is trendy yet timeless for the younger generation to accept it without hesitation and some good choices include diamonds, platinum, Navarathna, Pearls, Sapphire, Emerald or Ruby Charms.    

·         Wedding Rings & Gemstone Jewels!

            When all the celebrities choose rings that never go out of fashion be it the 3-carat solitaire diamond with five smaller diamonds on each side that was passed on from Queen Elizabeth II to Queen Bey or an oval shaped Blue Sapphire surrounded by a halo of diamonds given by Princess Diana to Kate Middleton or the 18-carat stunner Emerald-cut Diamond Engagement ring of Beyonce’s from Jay Z, we wish to impress you with our unbelievable collection of Wedding rings & Gemstone Jewels that stand the test-of-time and we are ready to customize a ring of your choice too!  We can bring your thoughts into jewels! 

·         Name or Initial Engraved Rings, Pendants and Bracelets

            Whether it is a gift to your BFF carving out their nicknames that are special to you both or a unique, customized jewel for yourself or an emotional jewel to bring fortune and happiness in your life or something to boost your confidence or a self identity like tattoo piercing or classy look and charm for yourself with a personalized jewel or a symbol of luck and success that you choose in a name or initial form, it all ends up to be timeless pieces, since it is your NAME or INITIAL, isn’t it?  In many communities, grandchildren are still named after their grandparents based on their gender.  If that is the case with you, then Name or Initial based jewellery becomes a must own accessory, ain’t it?  We create fresh fonts and styles as per your needs!  Do contact us to get the best name jewels!

Tips:  Select the best stylish calligraphy that you feel would be suiting your name or initial!

            Jewellery investment itself stands the test-of-time and when your collection does the same you can take pride in yourself for your choices.  That is what everyone ultimately aims at and this is where esteem needs end, isn’t it?

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