Unimaginable wider range of gold necklace collections for all age groups from the unique gold boutique!

            Will you not be rather happier if you could buy gold necklace not from gold shops in Singapore but choose from an Unimaginable wider range of gold necklace collections for all age groups from the unique gold boutique – Abiraame Jewellers Singapore?  True, isn’t it?  More than 95% of women prefer curated, customized, super stylish, classy, modish gold necklaces to be owned as they consider it a big investment!

            If you as women feel the same before you make a sophisticated decision in your jewel selection, you should never miss to read further about why wear a gold necklace, why choose gold necklace from a boutique, the best choices for your bridal trousseau or even for varied age groups!

1.    Why wear a gold necklace?

Italian Necklace Design

            Do you know that women who wear gold jewels can easily get rid of chills and hot flashes in their body as this noble metal (non-reactant metal) helps in regulating body temperature?  All the positive energy from the gold jewels can keep you warm, soothing with relaxing vibrations.  Gold Chain Necklaces touch your neckline and they are more than just jewellery!  Your true style statement and personality is revealed in the instinctive way you choose these gold chain necklaces!


2.    Why choose a gold necklace from a boutique?

“Jewellery is the perfect spice – it always complements what’s already there”  

-   Diane Von Furstenberg

            Have you ever felt incomplete while wearing a gold necklace you just bought from the shop?  Have you ever wondered looking at your peer’s gold necklace - Wow!  Where from did she buy this?  It’s so awesome yar!  Have you ever felt like asking the shopkeeper to take the motif chain from one necklace, the dollar from another necklace and mix-and-match to make customized gold necklace design which would suit you just aptly like how your features on your face are made by nature?  Have you ever thought ‘how would it be if I design my own gold necklace which is then crafted by the best of best artisans’?  Yeah!  Then you have landed in the right place – the best Indian Jewellery Singapore – Abiraame Jewellers! 

            Now, it would be clear why you have to choose gold necklace from a boutique like Abiraame Jewellers and not from any other gold shops in Singapore. 

3.    How to choose the best gold necklace set for bride? 

            Every detail of a wedding is truly special!  Then do you think the bride’s jewels will not find a place amidst it?  Never, right?  Almost there are 50+ different varieties of bridal gold necklaces from which you can choose.  A few never miss varieties are listed below which frames the best ever check list of gold necklace in a bridal trousseau:

3.1   Bossy layered necklaces to give a chic and contemporary look

3.2   A statement bollywood choker necklace to keep your neck filled with the grand dressing attire

3.3   A spiked mango necklace or Lakshmi coin necklace with studded ruby and emerald

3.4   Traditional gold necklace with a heavy pendant

3.5   One-of-a-kind bridal antique necklace

3.6   Calcutta design 916 gold necklace designs

3.7   Muthu necklace or Pearl gold necklaces for the white gown dressed brides to add more glamour to their look and appeal

3.8   Temple Jewellery with a traditional touch

3.9   Minimalist Jewellery for the simple bridal make-up

3.10      Custom made necklace designs


4.    How to choose the best gold necklaces for different age groups?

            Can you make your daughter wear the same necklace that you wear when you celebrate her sari / half saree ceremony?  Can you gift the jewels which you have bought to your special daughter on her special dream day - wedding day & say that’s it?  Can you ever imagine wearing an old model jewel of your grandmother for a fabulous night-out party with your hubby?  It does not make a fusion match also right?  If you can wish to find the best jewels that suits kids between 1-10 years old or young teens between 13-19 years or adults between 20-30 years of age or middle aged between 31-50, all can be found at the best Indian Gold Jewellery in Singapore – Abiraame Jewellers!  Don’t miss to even order online from the best gold shop in Singapore!  You are sure to find crème de la crème of choices here….You can just ping a hi @ +65 9166 9909 to get all products photos and details in WhatsApp too!

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