All you need to know about Red Coral Gemstone Jewellery!

Informative content about Corals! 

            Titled as Red Coral in English, Pavazham or Pavalam in Tamil, Karang Merah in Malay, Hong Shanhu in Mandarin Chinese, Pagadalu in Telugu, Cuvvana Pavilam in Malayalam and Kempu Havala in Kannada, this significant Red Coral Gemstone is ruled by the planet of Mars / Mangal.  It’s a popular gemstone in vedic astrology called Praval / Moonga in common gemologists terminology and represents the god of warfare and the commander of armies of God! 

How are Red Corals formed?

            When the tiny, soft-bodied organisms called coral polyps dies, it’s base is hard and forms skeletal remains, say, calcareous deposits which then transforms into red corals at a moderate depth(20-1000 feet) beneath the sea bed in quiet waters.  It is chiefly composed of Calcium Carbonate (Ca CO3), thus making it powerful than all other gemstones and also a primary gemstone. 

How to select Red Corals?

            The best corals are round or oval in shape and they are opaque & smooth-textured, radiating powerful emotions that help humans.  Remember the stone is deemed to be flawed if it is spotted or cracked and can have both dark and lights shades.  Corals found deep under water will be lighter in shade than the ones found in clear, shallow sea water.  We have certified coral collections!

Why Red Coral Gemstone?

            Red corals are symbol of strength and aspiration!  Are you looking forward to create a positive spirit and boost the get-up-and-go attitude in you?  Then, you can surely benefit from this eminent, renowned stone.  When the work you do needs zeal, vigour and enthusiasm, you should never miss wearing red corals. 

Benefits of wearing Red Coral Jewellery:

            Red Coral Gemstones creates a positive aura for the wearer.  Its vibrant red or vermilion colour brings numerous tangible benefits and presents a brilliant image & personality of yours!  A few of that elite list would be….

·         Overcome all your fear and nervousness when you wear Pavalam Stones jewellery.

·         It increases the confidence and courage of the wearer and also increases physical and mental health.

·         Pagadalu set is always believed to strengthen relationship and desire between married couples.  So if anyone is suffering from mangalik dosha you can wear pavazham and stay away from troubles in marital life.  It increases Mangalya Balam in other words marriage compatibility!

·         It enhances your ability to overcome obstacles and challenges.  Willing to impress your boss on a board meeting or looking out for a new business opportunity or searching for a career change?  Then, my suggestion would be to opt for red coral gemstone jewellery to be successful in all your endeavours!

·         With healing qualities, red corals bring positive effect to your body and cure skin disease, cuts or scrapes and purify your blood when it touches your skin.  Ensure that you wear it while bathing so that the water that touches the coral flows through your body making this possible!

·         Red coral jewellery regulates high blood pressure and also is good for your heart!

·         Your intuition and positive mentalities increase thus enabling you to get rid of mental stress, tension and depression.

·         If you are a person who would procrastinate things, then the high energy qualities of this gemstone brings the support of the ancient god of Mars with you and makes you approach all problems with a logical ability.

·         You can very well stay away from ‘black magic’ or ‘evil eye’ with the power of pavalam stones.

·         All your character flaws like short-tempered, impatience or easily getting offended by words can be overcome which totally improves your lifestyle!

·         It brings financial blessings and relieves you from all debts!

Professions benefited by wearing Red Corals:

            Being an organic gemstone, not mined stone or a mineral, red coral is considered to be a priceless gift from the sea of mankind.  Even though coral reefs are found in various parts of the world like Italy, Australia, Japan and China, we take care in selecting the best corals that suits you.  Whether you are a politician, industrialist, trader, engineer, real estate builder, or work in any other government related jobs which has power & authority where you are the sole decision maker, you can choose to wear a red coral. 

Astrological effects of Red Corals!

            We have gemstone experts at Abiraame Jewellers who can help you out in picking the right stone for yourself but still for your reference, you can buy a red coral if you wish to build finances, increases determination, improves your leadership abilities and be the ruler wherever you are both in family and business.

Lucky Gem for whom?

            Red Coral is considered lucky gem for all those who are born on number 9 as per numerology. Mars rules this number. People born on 9th, 18th, and 27th of any month can wear red corals. If you are born with chithirai or avittam or mirugasirisham nakshatra then you can choose to wear it.  Even mesham and viruchiga rasi people can wear this coral.  Navarathna jewels also suit people born on number 9!

How to take care of Red Coral?

            Coral needs special care as it is soft and porous.  It scratches and rubs easily and you need to know that alcohol or nail polish remover, and other chemicals can damage it. Avoid exposing your coral to extreme temperatures. It may gradually change color from everyday wear. As an organic gem, coral is softer than other gem materials and keep it away from other gemstones to prevent scratches. To clean coral, wipe it gently with moist soft cloth.

Method of wearing of Red Coral?

            The ring or pendant or chain or bracelet or necklace in which you fix corals should be worn on Tuesday after sunset.  The time in the evening can be around 6.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. in front of the almighty, after dipping the jewel in a glass of milk and then in water it can be worn.   It is better you remove this coral jewel when you attend any funerals or other sad occasions in which you take part.


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