Wanna buy & wear diamond jewellery?  Learn more about Diamonds and their Standards!

            Live, Like and Love diamonds forever!  Wanna buy & wear diamond jewellery?  Learn more about Diamonds and their Standards but ensure that you match the industry standards when you buy them too!   It is a good read further if you wish to know more about the parameters based on which diamonds are graded!

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            If you were thinking that all diamonds are after all just diamonds la?  Nope!  You are wrong!  You must learn that not all diamonds are created alike.  Every diamond stone is unique!  Most of you must be aware of the fact that diamonds are described by 4C’s – its Clarity, Colour, Cut, and Carat weight.  And also that diamonds having tints of yellow or brown colour is less valued than the colourless ones, isn’t it?  Yes, of course, the faint differences in the colour of the diamonds also dramatically affect its value.  The value and rarity of the diamonds are affiliated to each other. 

            But apart from this there are many other criteria that you must consider which impacts the quality and price of the diamonds like the types of inclusions, where it is actually located in the stone, the visibility through the table, its radiance or luminosity, milkiness or the colour tinge.  We @ Abiraame Jewellers consider all these additional parameters along with the 4C’s and ensure that you get the perfect quality, certified, original diamonds stones engraved on 22kt yellow gold jewellery. 

            The grading technologies of diamond industry has drastically transformed from 2016 till now.  It is no more a lengthy and pricey proposition which also involves the human error factor.  Now things have been more consistent and the diamonds are accurately graded with almost 0% human error factor through AI (Artificial Intelligence) methods.  In today’s world, grading of diamonds is not just a set of benchmarks mentioned in any lab certificate.  Numerous new methods are introduced for their grading, a few of which are explained below.

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1.     Light Performance Grading of Diamonds:  This is a unique science-based grade for describing a diamond as it shows your diamond’s beauty based on how it interacts with light?  When other gemstones are graded differently, only diamond’s form is a mien of how it plays with light by bending and moving within the diamond.  Diamonds are graded based on how the light that enters the diamond is reflected back to the observer, how skillful the craftsman has cut it with luminous flashes of light occurring as the diamond moves, the rainbow colour that can be seen as the light bends within the diamond and also whether it has optimal proportions.   


2.    Cut and Symmetry Measurement:  Hearts and Arrows precision and grading is the highest level of grading used by diamond manufacturers universally.  When a diamond is cut with an exemplary symmetry and proportion and creates a perfect pattern of 8 symmetrical hearts & arrows when viewed from the pavilion & crown respectively are considered to be the accurate, high-quality diamonds. 

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3.    Position of Natural Inclusions:  Diamonds are formed deep inside the earth millions of years ago and they tend to have natural inclusions in their internal structure.  Some inclusions are visible to the naked eye and some are not.  But every inclusion will influence the movement of light inside the diamond.  This in turn affects the performance grade of the diamonds too. 


4.    Grading standards set by Brands:  Apart from the previous three means of grading diamonds, nowadays even branded companies set their own standards for diamonds.  Beyond the GIA industry guide of 4C’s, if it is a luxury branded Diamond Company, they can develop their own grading criteria and ensure that it reflects stricter standards and extraordinary quality so that they can price them high too.  These are exclusive collection that totally drives consumer desire for more luxury and quality ownership of diamonds.  Those who wish to own diamonds as a status quotient can go in for such choices too.

            For anyone who expects a higher level of trustworthiness, precision and traceability in the diamonds they buy, Abiraame Jewellers, Singapore is the right place of choice.  We educate you with the right information and ensure that you have the right gemstone with certification in your hands!  To get expert gemstone advice for free do contact us and make sure you wear the right piece of diamond of any other gemstone for the matter which suits your rashi and nakshatra along with birth date

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