Are you worried about how to glam up your look by pairing your dresses with the right accessories?  Connect with your jewel and make it your stunning family heirloom piece!  Visit Abiraame Jewellers to frame a style guide to pick the perfect jewel for you and amp up your radiant look!  You will never regret for having made a choice as we have 55+ years of experience in the making of customized jewellery and that makes you look perfect amidst your peer group.

5 Nature-driven Gold Jewellery Collections!

“Look Deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein! 

            Ready to dive into our nature inspired jewellery collections?  Nature’s beauty is wild, frantic, majestic & royal which infuses peace in our souls!  Stay with nature to delve deep into your inner peace!  When you are a nature lover, you wouldn’t want to miss our wonderful quintet collections - Floral Fantastics, Butterfly Beauties, Bird beautifications, Marine marvels and Peacock passionate!

A Style guide for picking the Perfect Earrings to Amp up your Radiant Look!

Speculative about how to choose and buy gold jewellery online to style and compliment yourself and your wardrobe? Pondering on how to make the best of your jewellery collection without getting bored? Never fear, as I know that more than 50% of women would prefer a style guide for picking the perfect earrings to amp up your radiant look; we are there to help you to be a fashion symbol always.

10 unique, timeless, pin-it-up Jimikki designs for Women in their Jewellery wardrobes!

            An ear without earrings is like a song with lip movements and no voice is what I feel.  Don’t you agree too?  Making your dressing complete and complementing your overall appearance are a pair of beautiful and lovely earrings!  Especially, after the Jimikki Kammal song went viral, wearing jimmikki’s have become very common among women of all age groups from kids to elders. 

A guide to best gold pendant designs and special pendant types to rock your daily looks!

“Never have a second thought to sparkle a little brighter with great gold pendant designs that would take people’s mind off your pleats”