10 unique, timeless, pin-it-up Jimikki designs for Women in their Jewellery wardrobes!

10 unique, timeless, pin-it-up Jimikki designs for Women in their Jewellery wardrobes!

            An ear without earrings is like a song with lip movements and no voice is what I feel.  Don’t you agree too?  Making your dressing complete and complementing your overall appearance are a pair of beautiful and lovely earrings!  Especially, after the Jimikki Kammal song went viral, wearing jimmikki’s have become very common among women of all age groups from kids to elders.  Here we have listed 10 variants of unique, timeless, mind-blowing, captivating, pin-it-up jhumka designs for every women to add in their jewellery wardrobes.

1.    Step Jimikkis:  For all those women who adore jewellery out there, they need a jimikki with a specialty on every occasion, isn’t it?   If yes, these 4 step jhumka earrings in gold will be a suitable choice.  You can wear it as a fusion jewel with a vibrant dress for an enhanced look.  Those who wish to feel a musical melody, a symphony audible to you forever should never miss these step jimikkis. 

2.    Bridal Jimikkis:  A must include item in your bridal trousseau are the jimikkis that are eye-catching, trendy and fashionable.  All pictures or photos taken on your big day is close to your heart and will speak a million stories later when you look back, isn’t it?  Moreover, you’ll surely be visiting many of your relatives once wedding is over.  Every visit gives special memories those which are everlasting and unforgettable for your lifetime.  Don’t you have pride in wearing a pair of jhumkas at these times to make you more attractive, charming and beautiful?  Yeah!  So you can choose from these sought-after jhumkas like Lakshmi Jhumkas, Pretty Jhumkas, Urvashi Jhumkas, Simple Bride’s Jhumkas, Glowing Bride’s Jhumkas,   

3.    Stylish Party Chain jhumkas:  Chic and glamorous, classy pair of jhumkas makes your day at parties!  It adds an extra edge to your overall outlook!  Pair it up with your varied outfits!  Whatever walks of life you have come from,  these jhumkas accentuates your striking looks - Juhi Jhumkas, Paris Jhumkas, Madiha Jhumkas, Square stud Chain Jhumkas, Casting Stone Jhumkas,  and Two-toned ball jhumkas.     

4.    Light Casual Wear Jimmikis:  These jimmkis plays a major role when you have to truly dress up for an important day at your office yet it should not look as though you have dressed up really even when your close buddies look at you.  Isn’t it?  If yes, then with a high sense of style, look for those comfortable light weight casual wear jimmikis - Simple stone jimmikis, Blooming Flower Jimmikis,  &  AJS Fans Jimmikis,

5.    Chandbali Jhumkas:  Hyderabadi Chandbali earrings are the traditional sensation of jewellery world!  It is a versatile earring originated during the Mughal or Nizam era in Hyderabad.  The pearl jhumkas make Chandbali Earrings royal and outstanding.  As the earrings are shaped in crescent moon, they easily fit both ethnic and indo-western outfits.  Do check out our collection of Chandbali Earrings!

6.    Temple Jhumkas:  The perfect attire comes from wearing top-notch jewels and those are none other than Temple Jewellery.  Not only an antique piece but these are truly inspiring and auspicious statement pieces that you need to own.  With or without gemstone combination, these jhumkas hold a lighter gold shade and makes everyone jaw-dropping.  It’s an attractive, must-wear jewel for all the Bharatanatyam dancers over there!

7.    Fancy Jhumkas:  Add poise and finesse to make a fashion statement when around with your friends wearing our fancy jhumka designs.  Your trendy look is enhanced when you wear Two-toned Punjabi Jhumkas, or Truly Fancy Jhumkas,  

8.    Gemstone Jhumkas:  Wearing earrings has an acupuncture effect on human body.  Did you know that the father of western medicine Hippocrates has stated in 470 B.C. that it helps women to stay away from menstrual problems?  When they are made of the gemstones that suit your rashi and nakshatra, then needless to say how much of positive effect it brings on you.  Do visit us to know what gemstone suits your birth date! 

9.    Evergreen Jhumkas:  Jhumkas always find its space and they are evergreen jewellery.  Amidst them the timeless pieces are - Honey Jhumkas, & Flower Jhumkas, from the best gold shop in tekka Singapore. 

10. Peculiar Peacock Jimikkis:  Enlighten your boring lehengas or saris with such peacock jewellery collections!  The most preferred type of Gold Earring in Singapore is Peacock collections like - Miss Universe Peacock Jhumkas, & Enameled Peacock Jhumkas.  Peacock is a sign of protection and they make you look awesome with a rejuvenating energy.  Peacock designs never get out of fashion too!

          Science supports wearing jewels!  Did you know that ear piercing helps in natural healing of women who are facing obesity?  There is a point in your ears known as Hunger point.  This vital point can be worked upon to change your diet for weight loss purposes.  Wear a heavy earring when you unusually feel very hungry.  It helps to control your hunger and thus reduce weight too.  Do share this blog if you like it!



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