5 Nature-driven Gold Jewellery Collections!

Floral Fantastics!


            Real flowers may fade away when blossomed by nature, but these golden flowers will never fade as jewels in your eternal garden of love!  If you wish to perk up your mood choose our floral fantastics and cheer up dudes!  Flower jewellery just rejuvenates your style to the next level.  Refresh your souls with the best of best flower jewellery collections from us.

Butterfly Beauties!

            With simple elegance forming a perfect wear out on a radiant evening, butterfly beauties always have die-hard fans!  Who would not smile when they see a butterfly?  Whether it is a ring, earring or a charm / pendant hanging around your neck, butterflies are beautiful, isn’t it?  Even when you know it is hard to catch the real butterflies, we can see a small smile on your faces when you have the opportunity to get butterfly jewels carved by skilled artisans and wear it on yourself to be adorned at all times!


Bird Beautifications!

            Swan symbolizes grace, beauty, love and purity!  Just a touch of feminine grace and softness is assured when you choose right.  It has a high charge of positive vibes with a healing power and when worn in jewellery form is believed to pass on the goodness to your body.  In-line with the celestial beings, owning a golden swan means you are glimpsing the highest heaven of pureness in your life.


Marine Marvels!

            Showing your stability and tranquility, anchor jewellery signifies trust and confidence.  When you wish to have that safety and security in your life and still have doubts about it or a wavering mind that ponders around negativity, then you can very well wear an anchor pendant and make the positive energy to revolve around you.

Peacock Passionate!

            The craze of peacock jewels will always remain uninterrupted in the minds of all women!  But still some peacock jewels are fantastic and they truly deserve a round of applause.  The peacock plumage is a symbol of wealth, beauty and pride across cultures and traditions.  Though the reason behind the demand for peacock jewllery be that women are romanticized by its appearance, it actually bring good luck and fortune and is a perfect sign of protection!


If you wish to own jewellery that is meaningful and understand why you wear it, the best place would be to order from Abiraame Jewellers.  We have nearly 55+ years of experience in the field of jewellery and are the renowned jewellers in Singapore.  We sell certified gemstones which are original and you can get free gemstone consultation too!

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