For All the Women Who Invest In Jewellery - Hip Hip Hurray!

For All the Women Who Invest In Jewellery - Hip Hip Hurray!

            “Wearing Jewels is a way to express the women you are….. Without saying a word”!  Do you feel this is true?  Then you ought to read further! 

            Jewels definitely take a special place in a woman’s heart!  She never says enough for jewellery.  For all the women who invest in jewellery – Hip Hip Hurray!  We cheer you up because you have understood the fact that “Building the perfect jewellery wardrobe with statement pieces not just satiates a woman’s style appetite but also serves as an ideal investment option for your hard-earned money”.

Gold as an Investment!

            Even amidst this pandemic situation (Covid-19), where there has been a lot of unpredictability in the stock markets, the safest avenue for investing money is GOLD.  Do you wish to know why gold is always boasted upon as the best and safest investment?  It’s only because you can touch, feel and use the investment on a daily basis yet end up in keeping your money safe.  Isn’t it the right inclination during times of market volatility? 

Why Women Buy Jewellery?

            You know why jewellery plays a major role in your life?  It is because buying gold is …..

                       ·     An excellent way to treat yourself for all toils!

                       ·        Bestows upon positive vibes!

                       ·        Symbol of status & wealth.

                       ·        Tangible asset which appends to your portfolio! 

                       ·         Personal investment that is more secure!

                       ·         Recognition of an art form!

                       ·         Easy to liquidate in times of need!

                       ·         Statistically proven to show an increasing trend in prices, thus increased resale value! 

                       ·         Gold improves in value with least wear and tear!  When fancy cars need to be replaced, gold grows like a                              seed planted in a fertile soil. 

                        ·         Emotional Element! - An heirloom collection for the next generation & a safe investment!

                        ·         Acts as a diversifier to alleviate losses whilst market stress!

                        ·         Equal to cash in bank yet grows @ an elevated interest rate!

                        ·         Heals your body as gold is filled with medicinal and healing properties!

                        ·         Aids in controlling your spiritual chakras.

Cheer up to dress up with best accessories in Gold!

            Gold lightens up your life!  The colour itself is associated with optimism and positivity.  It is linked with the power of sun and hence when worn your thoughts get reflected in life.  Make your notions more positive so that it returns back to you from the universe! 

            It amplifies your beauty and puts an extra zest of smile on your face when worn daily wear or on special days, isn’t it?  Why say no to add on to your natural beautification process?  Cheer up to dress up! 

Steal the spotlight!

            Not just confidence is enough to flame up your inner sparkle, you need power in and out.  The inner power is yourself whereas the outer power is your special selection of jewellery.  It helps you to steal the spotlight!  Festive seasons are alone not meant for gold collections to be honoured with the comment of awesome by someone who looks at you.  We feel that every day is a day of honour for a women and she deserves it!  Choose your Steal the Spotlight collections from the best Indian Jewellery in Singapore – Abiraame Jewellers! 

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