Is it the right time to invest in gold - now during pandemic situation?  Ask Abiraame Jewellers Singapore!

Is it the right time to invest in gold - now during pandemic situation? 

Ask Abiraame Jewellers Singapore!

            “Gold is always a Hold” – you can never deny this fact!  If you are thinking – Is it the right time to invest in gold - now during pandemic situation?  Then, to be honest IT IS THE RIGHT HOUR to grow your wealth through safe havens like GOLD!  Already physical gold would be forming nearly 10 to 15% of your investment portfolio, but, now it is time you start investing more!  May be 30 to 40% would be our suggestion!

The Right Time to Invest In Gold

            Gold is definitely a crisis currency!  You know why?  Because this yellow metal has always been on the constant rise in prices from the day it came into existence!  For all the critics who call it a dead investment, no dividend, storage fee included and less safe to hold in physical form, there is some interesting information. 

·         Gold has inflation-beating capacity!

·         Gold has a high-liquidity power!

·         Even when prices of gold fall, they come back to new highs! – History is the evidence!

·         Gold withstands economic and geopolitical uncertainties!

·         Gold is a long term investment building family assets!

·         Gold carries forward your legacy to the future generation!

·         Gold has a sentimental factor attached with your favourite designs of jewellery forming heirloom pieces.


            You invest in stocks and wait for it to increase where uncertainties follow you during economic outbreaks or you invest in electronics and wait for it to get technically outdated, don’t you feel that while you enjoy ownership yet increasing in value is one item and that is – GOLD!


Acquire Physical Gold

            As per the reports of WGC – World Gold Council, the high uncertainty in the market trends supports gold investment better than all other forms in light of Covid-19 pandemic situation!  It is a sheer safe play now if you attempt to invest in some luxury for merriment and zest from your end!

            You can purchase physical gold either in form of coins or gold bars or jewels that you can use on a daily basis too.  The best gold jewellery Singapore which gives the reasonable price and valuable asset addition in Little India is Abiraame Jewellers!  Renowned in this field for the past two generations almost 55 years, they have the premium quality, original, certified gemstone jewelry also, which you can attempt to make an investment with.  High-end gems also increase in value with inflation.

Use Gold Flexi Savings Scheme

            Rising gold prices have sent rates up to a 9 year high; making it an asylum for the long term horizon investors.  But those who wish to slowly buy gold online Singapore and keep your gold holdings at pace with the economy can choose to keep aside an affordable sum of money every month from your earnings and can deposit it with a jeweler for a chosen tenure.  You ultimately get a bonus amount along with the total money deposited for which you can buy a jewel or coins or other items of your choice.  Do participate in Abiraame Jewellers Flexi Gold Savings Scheme and enjoy buying from the best gold shop Singapore!

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