Showcase your one-of-a-kind love by gifting a statement piece!

Showcase your one-of-a-kind love by gifting a statement piece!

            Dream without fear and love without limits!  Remember to Love her not for what she is but for what you are when you are with her!  This adds value to your love and lasts forever rather than driving you crazy.  But still don’t forget to showcase your one-of-a-kind love by gifting a statement piece to your loved one on a special day to create best story telling moments in your life forever.

Perfect gift picks from your Abiraame Jewellers!

            When the love breeze is switched on, your gift as a token of love strengthens bonds, isn’t it?  Whether it is a woman who wishes to gift her man or man who gifts a statement piece to his beloved then both have wide-range of choices @ our store.

1.    Enchanting Earrings!

            Express your feeling with a romantic sense by choosing an enchanting pair of earrings for your better-half based on her personality!  You can choose from our broad spectrum of earrings collection - pleasant peacock earrings, fantastic flower earrings, jaunty jhumka earrings, fascinating fancy earrings, captivating chandbali earrings, catchy casting earrings and many more!

2.    Pretty Pendants!

            Surprise your boyfriend / hubby with a present that shows how much you need him just by gifting a sign of protection pendant on his birthday, your anniversary, or other special occasions you deserve to celebrate together.  It can be a spiritual spadigham locket, refulgent rudhraksha pendant, alluring abacus locket, optimistic OM locket, calming cross locket, kinetic Kadayutham (or Hanuman) locket, paradisiac Perumal pendant, glowing Ganesha locket, inspiring initial locket or other grand gemstone lockets.

            Girls like those smart accessories which they can mix and match to wear anew every time they dress up.  So guys you have got a chance to impress your sweet heart by picking the right pendant which suits all her attires.  It can be a heart-shaped stoned or enameled pendant, illuminating initial locket, fabulous fancy lockets, prancing peacock pendants or a lucrative Lakshmi locket!

3.    Newest Necklaces!

            The neckline of a girl helps to show her style with fewer words but more of her choices and dressing sense.  If you know how you can dazzle your one-of-a-kind love then you can select from our broad array of fancy necklace designs to adorn her beauty!

4.    Breezy Bangles!

            Some women prefer bangles for the melody or symphony they can hear from the bangles they wear, some consider it as a sign of culture, some understand the shocking scientific truth that bangles keep the positive energy intact in your body as they are round-shaped and the waves that pass through your body is reverted back inside you as such.  If your girl is one of that types don’t miss to gift our flawless, futuristic, fabulous collection of bangles. 

5.    Radiant Rings!

            Handle your life with ease and confidence by activating your brains neuron cells on a daily basis by wearing a radiant ring on your ring finger.  It can be an earnest engagement ring, whimsical wedding ring, satisfying simple ring, serene stone ring, ablazing abacus ring, festive fancy ring or just an iconic initial ring. 

6.    Beaming Bracelets!

Men like Kadas and women prefer bracelets where everything is in-lined at Abiraame Jewellers, you can elect an energetic elephant hair kada, salubrious soolam kada, valued vel kaapu, laureate lion kadaa, rejuvenating rudhraksha bracelet or other heart link bracelets or signity bracelets to gift each other on memorable occasions.

7.    Charming Chains!

            Not only mangal sutras with mugappu but there are other chains also that you can gift your near and dear one.  Extraordinary, fantabulous, gorgeous looking designs are ideally found in one of the best shops in tekka, Singapore – Abiraame Jewellers.

8.    Genuine Gemstones!

            Gemstones are close to your life’s happenings and have the power to twist and turn everything into righteous things for you.  But you have to buy them from the right people who give original, certified gemstones suiting your rashi and nakshatra.  We have nearly 55 years of experience in this field and we are the best gemstone dealers in Singapore.  Our experts are waiting to help you!

9.    Cheery Customized Collections!

            One peculiar piece for your paramour!  Yeah it can be customized to his/her taste.  Explain your sentiments and stories to us and we are proud to craft and capture the picture in gold for you!

10. Sizzling Silver Collections!

            Silver is no less when you have to gift something to your beau inamorato!  If he/she is pious you can gift her with silver statues of his/her favourite or even a pearl bracelet in silver can be a perfect choice for your angel.


            Don’t forget to visit our lovely collections and get benefited from the best products ever in 22kt yellow gold!


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