7 Do's and Dont's while you care for and clean your fine jewellery!

Who will not love glittering gold jewels? I feel that majority of Men and Women love gold jewellery and they shine the most only when their jewellery sparkles.  To sparkle like a wonder and stand out of the crowd will your mind not search to buy gold jewellery online which makes a statement piece?  Also do you feel dreaded when your jewellery (stones/ pearls / gemstones) appear dull and loses its original shine? Just 7 do’s and dont’s while you care for and clean your fine jewellery needs to be followed!  Remember that all can be done by yourself at home to keep your gold jewellery clean, radiant and glowing for years to come.


1.    Do’s while caring for and cleaning your statement jewellery collections

1.1.How to clean jewellery @ home?


            Yes, what you heard is right. You don’t need to make a trip to your jewellery maker to polish your gold jewellery every time when it starts losing its sheen. You can very well use Gold Polish with Industry special standards like Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner for gold, platinum, diamond and precious stones in a fast and effortless fashion with renewed brilliance which is now available @ your gold shop in Singapore - Abiraame jewellers.


1.2.How to clean solid gold without gold polish?


            A simple soap, warm water (not very hot), and a new baby size soft toothbrush (to scrub gently, if it is very dirty) are all you need to clean your solid gold bracelets, chains, earrings, necklaces and other ornaments. Just by giving a gentle bath, soapy water solution makes to get rid of the accumulated dust, dirt and oils. This is one of the easiest, fastest and effective ways to restore your gold jewellery’s shine without any hassles.


1.3.How to clean using Soap Nut?


            Use our natural, herbal, chemical-free Soap nut (burn and dip it in cold water). Take your jewellery in hand and rub it using a soft bristle toothbrush. You could see foam coming out from it. After a few minutes of cleaning, dip it in clean water and rinse well to get a shiny gold jewel.


1.4.How to clean Gemstones?


            It’s easy to rejuvenate the gleam and glitter of precious and semi-precious stones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, cat’s eye, coral and sapphires, use the same instructions as above. The one thing is to use seltzer water instead of regular water. Buff dry and admire how your gem sparkles! Gemstones add to the beauty of gold and keeping them safe is now a cake walk!


1.5.How to clean Pearls?


            Pearls are resilient, living, beautiful, organic gemstones. They are nature’s gift to humanity. To keep them safe, just wipe those using wet tissues or a clean soft cloth after every use because your sweat or perfumes or cosmetics cause harm to your pearl jewellery.


2.    Don’ts whilst cleaning your finest jewellery


2.1.Never use hot boiling water or hard brushes for cleaning your jewellery.

2.2.Never use chemicals or commercial cleaning solutions apart from gold polishes as they lead to severe damage.

2.3.Avoid wearing jewels when you are washing your hands, applying beauty products, hair sprays, lotions and other cosmetic items to restrain your favourite jewellery from getting damaged. 

2.4.Avoid wearing jewels while swimming.

2.5.Do not bleach your jewellery.

2.6.Avoid using household cleaners, lemon juice, ammonia, toothpaste, vinegar, glass cleaners or baking soda to clean your jewellery.

2.7.Avoid exposing pearls to high heat or direct sunlight.

2.8.Never store pearls in a bank locker, as they get dehydrated when they are kept at dark places for a longer time.

2.9.Avoid carrying your jewels with all other accessories, as it causes severe damage.


“Everyone is a star and deserves a chance to sparkle!” – Marilyn Monroe


            When you have the right opportunities falling in place don’t miss a chance to sparkle!  Wear your glittering gold jewel more often and just flaunt them, as they are loved to be worn often! If only you follow the right methods to clean, store, and maintain your gold jewellery glowingly, then you can be sure that they will keep up their promises for you to achieve your success formula!


            Gentle cleaning can help your plain solid gold and gemstone studded pieces to retain their natural sheen. Whenever you are in doubt, about keeping your jewellery to make you shine glamorously ever, the best option would be to follow our iterations of do’s and dont’s.  In case of any more doubts or a little laziness to clean it up we warn you to not commit a faux pas yet trust upon and step into Abiraame Jewellers - the best Indian Gold Jewellery Singapore, to get the job done at ease!





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